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The University Library System (in Italian: Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo - SiBA) has been established in 1996 to coordinate library services and ensure their organic and rational development.

The SiBA users are divided into two categories, differentiated in delivery modes and use of services: internal users and external users.

Internal users are the primary SiBA users, and are automatically enrolled in all the Libraries at the opening of their relationship with the University. This category is divided into two profiles:

  • University staff: teaching staff, including also anyone carrying out temporary teaching or research activities in the University, and technical-administrative staff of the University of Pavia;
  • Students: students regularly enrolled at the University of Pavia.

External users are accredited to the service after verification and recognition by the Libraries managers. They are also registered to all the SiBA libraries. They are divided into two profiles:

  • External collaborators: all those who, for reasons of study or research, are collaborating with the University and all members of the University Graduated Association, in compliance with the annual registration fee.
  • External: all those who, for personal reasons or professional needs, ask to use the services offered by the SiBA libraries.