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Inter-departmental Bachelor's degree in Communication, Innovation, Multimedia (CIM)

The degree program, in which the Department participates together with the Departments of Political and Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Business Sciences, and Humanities Studies, aims to provide theoretical and operational preparation aimed at both a basic training for new professions in the field of Communication (closely linked to innovation in information technologies and, more generally, to innovation in the modalities and contexts of Communication) and to the continuation of higher education in Italy and abroad.

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Inter-university Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence

The degree course, in English, involves the University of Pavia, the University of Milan and the University of Milan Bicocca. The course is aimed at training professionals of the "World 4.0", through programs focused on the development of advanced tools for automation and human-machine interaction with intelligent behaviors. For the University of Pavia, the Department participates together with the Departments of Mathematics and Physics.

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Bachelor's degree in Sports Science

The degree program, to which the Department provides a relevant contribution, aims to train physical education professionals with adequate basic cultural preparation and with the necessary methodological skills to lead, manage and evaluate simple programs of physical and sports activities at individual and group level.

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