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Preliminary activities for newly recruited PTA/PDR staff:

Welcome address by the Director

  1. Communication of Card Number / Telephon / Office
  2. Fill in the request form for the keys of the department and the permit to the parking access
  3. Print Label for Studio / Office / Laboratory / A4 and Brand Identity
  4. Check E-mail address -
  5. Check University credentials (password) and request Smart Card (Badge)
  6. University Wi-Fi: EDUROAM and UNIPV-WIFI connection instructions
  7. Generate Credentials for Multifunction Printers
  8. Generate Credentials for OnLine Reservations (Meeting Room/Seminar Rooms/Videobeam)
  9. Update related lists: people.iii - cdd.iii - docenti.iii - ru.iii - pa.iii - po.iii - staff.iii - segreteria.iii
  10. Request IP address from SGIT and update IP list on MMS-ICT-PA website
  11. Request the inclusion of the name in the University’s address book (
  12. Enter the name on the WEB site
  13. Enable Restricted Area Access for the consultation of Minutes (PDR)
  14. Assign box for paper mail
  15. Information on Secretariat services | Orienteering
  16. Fill in the Work Risk Sheet with Local Security Officer
  17. How to read your pay-sheet and the Third party account amount
  18. Consult/Register the assigned paper and electronic archives on DPM
  19. Enable University Smart Card for DIII Electronic Locks (Information)
  20. Digital signature request:
  21. Digital Signature (U-Sign)
  22. University Digital Identity -> List of Services
  23. Mission: Request for Authorization
  24. Smartwork
  25. Signature Generator for University e-mail
  26. Rules, Information, Posters of Video Surveillance Systems
  27. Choices documentation and description of the video surveillance systems service
  28. S.O.S. - Online Support for UNIPV Services (Video-Tutorial)
  29. Cloud Services for Research ( Microsoft Google Amazon )
  30. Privacy Requirements for Research Projects (CODAU) Guidelines, All.1, DPIA (Infographic)
  31. Computerized detection of attendance
  32. Telephone Directory DIII and Bulletin Board
  33. Illness/Time slots for availability/Change of domicile (cf. art. 6 of D.P.C.M. 17 October 2017, n. 206)

For further information, please see: