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5G and Telecommunications

5G Telecommunications

Telecommunications systems in these years have undergone profound changes to become an infrastructure that represents the heart of an increasing number of human activities. We can no longer speak of "telecommunications services", but we must refer to telecommunications as enabling technology for modern society and increasingly so in the future. To keep up with this evolution, telecommunications techniques and technologies have evolved to provide more and more capacity and flexibility. 5G, strengthened by these experiences, is presented as an innovative system that combines improvements of the techniques used and a completely new architecture, based on transversality and multiple services but with the inherent ability to provide different solutions to different services. It is therefore not only the paradigm "1000 times more performing than 4G" but a system architecture oriented to what are defined as "vertical" application areas that require the integration of all network components.

5G provides integration with sensor systems and devices that can communicate with each other without human intervention, for applications ranging from home automation to autonomous driving, industrial applications IoT 4.0 and telemedicine.

In the 5G field we therefore find aspects of telecommunications in the traditional sense that are linked to many other disciplinary areas in order to exploit in a synergistic and multidimensional way the possibilities offered by improvements of a hardware not only more powerful but also more flexible, of a research on the coordinated use of multiple antennas and higher frequencies, of the artificial intelligence for resource optimization, of the network architectures and services that are both flexible and resilient.

All these aspects are addressed within the Department in different Research Laboratories and by staff with skills in different fields but with a common goal.

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