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High Performance Computing


High Performance Computing is a set of programming and design methodologies of algorithmic solutions involving the use of parallel computing systems consisting of either multiprocessor clusters, or distributed cloud systems, or servers equipped with computing units explicitly designed for an application (application specific processors and/or special purpose computers).

These computing infrastructures have made possible the development of a wide spectrum of applications in the fields of physical and chemical phenomena modeling, in medicine, biology, economics and finance, social media analysis, in metereology, automotive and therefore process control, to name but a few.

The Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering is active both in the research and use of the latest HPC technologies and in the evaluation of their performance.

There are several ongoing projects in the field of bioinformatics, image processing, deep learning and neuroscience, and in general related to the modelling and simulation of physical phenomena. They include the programming of clusters of processors or supercomputers but also of manycore coprocessing systems based on GPU and FPGA technologies.

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