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The automotive sector is a mature but constantly evolving industrial sector. In particular with regard to the design and development of vehicle dynamics, in recent years, the increasing availability of powerful and reliable numerical techniques combined with the introduction and deployment of driving simulators, also dynamic, has allowed the development of numerical/experimental protocols aimed at a drastic reduction in the development time of the vehicle. These techniques are fundamental not only for the design of the vehicle with internal combustion engine but also for the development of electric vehicles. This last power configuration allows a redesign of the vehicle with a different mass distribution and new suspension geometries. The introduction of driver assistance systems (ADAS) increasingly requires the integration and refinement of the different components in order to achieve greater safety while maintaining high handling characteristics and comfort. Moreover, the tyre-road/ground interaction is always the fundamental factor for any performance of the vehicle both in road and in competitions.

The Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering collaborates with companies for the design of vehicle testing and for the development and testing for the subjective and objective evaluation of vehicle dynamics in road and off-road environment and for the validation of numerical simulation models for both road cars and competitions.

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